The Foreign Resort “Suburban Depression”

Sometimes I just have a post-punk itch that needs to be scratched, and The Foreign Resort’s “Suburban Depression” fits that bill to a t. From the gated reverbed snares, to the Peter Hook-ish bass. The Foreign Resort plunders the genre for all of it’s best trappings, and put their own spin on it.

There is just something deeply satisfying about when “goth” is done right, as it has definitely been done here – like the feel of the 8th day of wearing the same depression bathrobe while you sit and watch the weather turn a little more gray outside of your window everyday. Oh, did I just reveal too much about how I’ve spent my week? Sorry for that.

Definitely a song to check out, I’ve also been delving deep into their Part Time Punks sessions. Be sure to check them out.

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Angry Skeletons “Floating Awkwardly”

From second one, you know what kind of song that Angry Skeletons’ “Floating Awkwardly” will be. Coming in like a track off the second half of Incesticide, the song is the kind of brazen furious tracks that feels as cathartic as a session of Primal Scream therapy.

“Floating Awkwardly” might just be one of the most aggressive tracks to come along in a long time that doesn’t sound like the typical 90’s grunt rock or metal knockoff. Definitely a band worth checking out further, if I had any kind of rating system this song might break it. Listen up!

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Sonny Baker “Reluctant Thief”

Oddly the most out of the ordinary song that I’ve posted in a while is a pretty straight forward and well written indie rock track by the one and only Sonny Baker (strike that, there’s probably a lot of Sonny Bakers, but this one is pretty damn good and has a good sound) “Reluctant Thief” is a slow burn that nearly sound krautrock in it’s locked groove minimalism that keeps the song moving forward to it’s mini-meltdown at the end.

“Reluctant Thief” is the kind of indie rock song that would have gone global circa 2000, while that sounds like a bad thing it’s actually a bad thing for the rest of the world because this song is a damn good song that has possibly one of the most solid singles I’ve heard in a really long time.

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Snuffed by the Yakuza “Trippin”

I can only assume that Snuffed by the Yakuza’s “Trippin” is a literal representation of what it would sound like walking into a hardcore show out of your mind with a head-full of windowpane. If you don’t know what that is kiddos don’t go checking it out, drugs are bad, fun to read about but very very bad for you. Now back to this song that I fully endorse that suggests that we all take hallucinogens.

“Trippin” is a really interesting combination of off kilter drumming, odd delays and a powerful blast of energy that keeps the whole rickety roller-coaster going to the end. This is a vibe that is rarely heard and even rarer to pull off with this much skill and ingenuity.

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Gregory Richard “Napalm Blonde”

Built around a 50’s Sci-Fi B-Movie theremin keyboard part and the type of guitar playing that I last heard on episodes of Ren and Stimpy (and this is a very sad fact of life, that Gregory Richard has gleefully rectified) “Napalm Blonde” puts you into a state of mind only a light psychosis could possibly replicate.

Manic and stompy Gregory Richard plays a style of Psychobilly that is far from over the top as many other acts in the genre which brings an immediate listenability that is often lacking.

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Giant Kitty “Et2YT”

Giant Kitty is back again with a great new single “Et2YT” (waits a beat for the people who are really good at deciphering license plates gets the name) For the past year or so people have been touting the “return of punk” solely based on the fact that punks really have the best new target in the White House since Regan. However, the truth is that there’s always been good punk and great targets. It’s just great new bands like Giant Kitty are just getting started in this political claimant.

In the video for “Et2YT” we see Kitty and Co. satirizing the 24hr news cycle, and everything that comes along with it. The tongue in cheek sensibility of the band is in full display, and it doesn’t hurt that this is yet another powerhouse of a catchy song either. Check it out above, or better yet you should have been listening to it rather than reading this long and overly elaborate explanation for “Hey, great song!”

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Leggy “Grrrls Like Us”

“Grrrls Like Us” finds the band in a very buzzy/poppy mood and reminds me of something that would have come out on Merge back in the day.

Luckily for all of us Leggy is getting around to remastering/re-releasing their limited edition compilation “Leggy” on vinyl! This compilation of their early EP tracks is chocked full of their uniquely tongue in cheek version of mid-90’s indie rock/RiotGRRL that we’ve featured here before. Definitely something that will be worth checking out.

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Fascinations Grand Chorus “When You’re Mine”

Pop Occulture favorites are back with another sparklingly bright slab of 60’s pop. As always this song doesn’t have a note out of place, and the vocal delivery style is so achingly Phil Spector that it’s undenyable to resist.

The bass on this track, along with it’s Rentals-esq Moog line will keep this bouncy track stuck in your head for days.

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Field Trip to the Moon “You”

Coming off with all the cool of 90’s Kim Gordon, Field Trip to the Moon’s Angela Christofilou successfully melds her cooing delivery style along with one of the tightest post-punk riffs that I’ve heard in years.

The whole song has an angsty/paranoid vibe that spills out from under it’s cool and cold exterior, that really is captivating. I’ve probably listened to this song a dozen times in the last day. Definitely worth checking out.

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Lucille Furs “Pink Noise”

Coming off musically as a bizzaro world version of Credence, Lucille Furs’ “Pink Noise” reeks to high hell of patchouli and paisley, in all the best ways possible. Stealing wholesale everything that is good from the 67-68 era and repackaging without it feeling like it’s forced or contrived like a lot of bands in a similar mold do.

A vintage sounding as Lucille Furs are, there is a unique energy that permeates this track that gives it a freshness that will pull you in for the ride.

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