Vazum “Fall Guy”

The first thing that smacks you in the face about “Fall Guy” is the just how interesting the drumming sounds compared to a lot of other groups out there right now. This punchy little post-punk track really stands out in a world do dominated by Joy Division clones. Detroit native Zach Pliska has apparently been around that scene for years, the massive list of previous bands is impressive. Definitely a starting point to a rabbit hole that deserves to be check out.

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Kingdom of Birds “Lined Paper Song”

The first thing that hits you about “Lined Paper Song” is just the wonderful snotty ’77 punk delivery of Ása Berezny vocals. It’s amazing how tight and poppy these kids (none of them are even old enough to vote) actually play. That being said, Kingdom of Birds plays with more weight and edge than bands with exponentially more experience. Kingdom of Birds is one of those bands that gives you hope for the future of music.

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Leggy “Not What You Need”

Another band that’s back on Pop Occulture after a year plus absence, with a great new song, Leggy’s “Not What You Need”, which while the delivery sounds smooth and seductive, has a very jagged heart in it’s center as frenetic as it’s funky drumming style. This trio hailing from Cincinnati, OH (Midwest Love) was just featured in a New York Times’ article calling them one of the 50 greatest bands with women dominating rock’n’roll, and listening to “Not What You Need” it’s pretty obvious that this is true. Go throw your money at their feet, so you can act cool and say you knew them before they were huge.

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Veronica Bianqui “Victim”

Donating the proceeds of “Victim” to Harm Reduction Coalition, a group dedicated to help victims of the opioid epidemic, Veronica Bianqui brings us a great song full of sunshiny harmonies and crunchy guitars (who could ask for anything more?) The song delves deep into 50’s pop while giving it the harder psych edge, that is built around this a beautifully uptight Ringo-esq rhythm. Which gives the song a very unique style that will bury itself deep into your brain for days.

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The ThreeFiveSevens “Witch”

Just a little over a year later, (I think, time flies when you’re listening to 30+ new bands a day) The ThreeFiveSevens bring back their Bauhaus meets the B-52’s sound, “Witch” brings the infectious gloom with a gusto that no other band does out there right now. With a wash of great harmonies underlying vocalist Thomas Francis Lane II’s stark (and glorious) monotone delivery on this track track, with an up beat rhythm this song really stands out.

While popular in the 80’s and early 90’s, music with a danceable beat is kind of a unicorn out there in the world of indie rock. Any new release by the ThreeFiveSevens should be celebrated.

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Surf Cassette “Summer’s End”

Straight out of Milan Italy, The Surf Cassettes perfectly capture that hollow but sunny garage surf vibe without becoming just another pale repetition. Having spent a little time with the rest of their album that came out just under a year ago, this song is definitely one of the diamonds on an album full of gems.

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Georgia June “Broke”

Australia’s Georgia June are tackling a subject that many of us are painfully too aware of… being flat-ass broke. This punky pop track is one of those songs that will get caught in your head for days, the guitar chug and the tongue in cheek humor compliment the straightforward in your car top volume sing-along quality of the track. If this one grabs you, don’t forget to go to their Soundcloud and listen to their previous effort “Cool”!

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Nala “How, When & Where”

Sweden’s Nala just put out their first single “How, When & Where”, it is one of those tracks where you can’t tell where in the last 40 years it could have been recorded. This hard-hitting combination of psychedelia and stoner metal, just hits all the right spots to be both brutal sounding and poppy enough to be hum-able at the same time.

Digging around on their Soundcloud page, there are several other great demos for you to check out as well. Can’t wait to hear more!

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Tai Chi Tommy “Buried Under Your Love”

Tai Chi Tommy’s “Buried Under Your Love” sounds and looks like what would be playing at the winter formal in hell. This slow and gothy 50’s slow dance occupies a unique space in the music world that I’m hard pressed to think of any bands that quite have a similar sound.

Come for the wooziness, stay for the infectious bummer the song will leave you with.

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Giant Kitty “You Suck”

Pop Occulture favorites Giant Kitty are back with the video for their new single “You Suck” an all out rocker, that has an important message to convey to the world. That being that you, and I’m pretty sure it is you, my dear reader, do in fact suck. That’s okay though! Giant Kitty has created possibly the best theme song for you in your suckitude.

Giant Kitty embodies the defiant spirit of 90’s riotgrrl without sounding derivative or dated, and this track might just be one of their best yet. Definitely a band that I highly suggest.

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