The other day I was thinking about how one of the spurring forces in great music is economic disaster, and the general drag of one generation ignoring and or suppressing the next. You can see it in 60’s England when the post-war debt, combined with latchkey parenting lead to a generation who sat in their bedrooms trying to make music that would get them the hell out of there. The Beatles, Stones, The Who, all the way to Sabbath.

Then you get the generations who’s already hippified parents and further hopelessness of ever getting out of the braindead cycle of uselessness that engulfs us all. That spawned the 77 punk movement in New York and London. Which repeated again in the suburban wastelands of California a few years later.

It’s a gross generalization, but economic depression tends to squeeze out a few diamonds of music. Because you have to want to do it when everything against you. When you start a band in a comfortable position, you tend to get Yanni.

So with all the economic depression squeezing the youths of the world today, it’s no wonder that great music is popping up in some of the places hit hardest. Which brings us to me hearing Nerrves who hail from from Greece. Their new EP on Smash Records is some of the most inspired blown out garage rock I’ve heard in ages. I’m not saying that the economic desolation of an entire nation is a good thing, just because it might have spurred the creation of these wonderful songs. But I’m not not saying it either.

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