Troller “Graphic”

Troller - Graphic - cover

I told myself with I started this blog that I was going to focus on the genres I set for myself… and then Troller decided to release a new record. The first single off of the Austin based trio’s sophomore album Graphic entitled “Not Here” sees the band coming back exactly where the left off before their few year stint recording this album.

Which if this was any other band might come off as not being a compliment, however considering that their debut LP had a criminally low 6 vocal songs. That might just be exactly what I want from a new Troller album.

The chilly VHS horror movie drum machines and synths are back in full force, though with even a slightly less hazy vocal than any of their previous efforts. I’m super excited to see this band come out of their slumber. The record was released at 9:45 and I had ordered it before the end of the hour.

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