Transpiritus Video

DRUIDS / live from Transpiritus on Vimeo.

How did you get into filming shows?

I have been filming shows off and on but got more serious about it when I acquired some decent gear.

Your shooting style has a very analog vibe, do you shoot analog or is this something you do in post?

Post, usually add a light amount of grain and a few other effects. If I had someone to deal with the hassle of using film. Digital is so convenient and cheap.

Where do you think this project will go on from here? Is there one piece that you’ve done that particularly showcases the direction you want to go?

We are ramping up our output quality with better audio and some new video gear this year. The live Druids video (featured at top) we did last year is definitely the direction we are headed in.

GOLDBLUMS / live from Transpiritus on Vimeo.

Any bands you would like to work with?

Local: Beat Strings
National: Eluvium

Any new videos to keep an eye out for?

There will be a Land of Blood and Sunshine video coming out soon, followed by the final Omens show and then we have a Druids music video coming out as well.

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