Ramonda Hammer – Whatever That Means

2016 has been a great hear for some really unique bands that just so happen to be female fronted. Ramonda Hammer is a very stand-out and unique part of this rich flood of music. The new LP “Whatever That Means” came out last week. I haven’t heard any music as quirky, yet well produced (the new album was recorded at Sunset Sound) since the 90’s. This LP is deep and rich, and has more character than almost any three other albums you can pick that came out this year. Definitely already of the top contenders of best releases of the year. I highly suggest locking yourself in a room and listening to this album again and again until your ears bleed. That’s normal healthy adult behavior, right?

Here’s the video for their song “Goddamn Idiot” and buy it from their Bandcamp page below.

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