Month: June 2016

Ramonda Hammer “If, Then”

We perviously shared Ramonda Hammer’s last video “Whatever That Means”, we’ll double down and say that even more than before we think that this is a great band that you should be keeping an eye out for!

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Heavy Drag “Kinda Slow”

I’m been a fan of these guys since their first single LSD, and truth be told I even put out a cassette by the band’s previous incarnation Lil Daggers a number of years ago. These guys always bang out some

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Grandeur “G3”

New-England post-punkers Grandeur sound straight out of 80’s Olde England their new 4-song EP will be available soon as they’ll be touring regionally throughout the summer.

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Meat Eating Orchids “Bulletproof”

With one foot in 90’s grunge, and the other one in the sound coming out of L.A.’s garage rock scene, Tel Aviv’s Meat Eating Orchids’ “Bulletproof” is a catchy song that’s here to kick you in the head.

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The Well Rested “Neeas”

The Well Rested are a lo-fi garage pop band from the UK, that has a spectral sound that is both catchy and haunting. The video is a fun little stab at blue screen tongue-in-cheekery.

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Feral Conservatives “Round the Corner”

Straight out of the mold of 90’s college rock, Feral Conservatives’ “Round the Corner” sounds like it could have come out of any number of teen comedies from that decade. Poppy, but with the added texture of an electric mandolin.

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Parakeet “Sugar Rush”

Parakeet is a heavily distorted UK 2-piece, with a sugary-pop sensibility that goes well beyond the gnarly sound of their screaming guitars would belie. Reminds me a lot of the American side of the 90’s shoegaze scene. “Sugar Rush” appears

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Luke Rathborne “I’m So Tired”

Buzzy garage pop with one foot still in the 80’s, Luke Rathborne’s “I’m So Tired” sounds like it came directly off the soundtrack of the Vacation soundtrack. I’ve slowly been checking out the tracks from his Soundcloud account and it’s

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Field Medic is a one-man garage-y anti-folk project out of San Francisco, hyphenates abound! Well worth checking out their new EP “that beer called becks reminds me of a haiku i wrote” now free to download on their Bandcamp! that

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MoondreamzzZ “Porcelain Skin”

Great video by a cool band from LA garage rockers MoondreazzZ. “Porcelain Skin”‘s song/video reminds me of Sandman comics, dark, weird, surreal and you know…. mouths for eyes. Definitely worth checking out. Listen now!

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Petite League – “Zookeeper”

Full of deep rich textures that remind me how Jimi Hendrix used to talk about how too many rock musicians were using “shrill” guitar tones. Petite League’s “Zookeeper” is a poppy up beat song that reminds me of the kid

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Faux Fiction “Flows To Nowhere”

Faux Fiction is a band from Milwaukee, with a crunchy melodic sound that will keep you humming along for days. Now I’ve already had a sneak peek at their upcoming album, and I have to say is that it’s one

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Miss Jupiter ” Sunshine/It’s All In You”

Despite their bio that feels like it was written by Ray Bradbury, Miss Jupiter is a tight four-piece from LA. “Sunshine/It’s All In You” is a sleezy sultry crawl that has that compelling feeling that it could have been written

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