Month: September 2016

ROXY JULES “Rubies & Blood”

The hypnotizing thud of Copenhagen based ROXY JULES’ “Rubes & Blood” brings up images of the later work of many New Romatic bands as they started exploring darker and darker territory. Raw and catchy, the surreal video for the track

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Young Elk “Paper Cuts”

For better of worse you can hear the Portland in this debut single from “The Dark Side of the Holy Ghost”. Borrowing heavily from the Slo-core scene of the late 90’s, the steady chug of this thickly produced track is

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Apartment 3 “Common Abnormalities”

Reportedly recorded under a leaky pipe, directly to reel to reel with no overdubs, with a live audience. Apartment 3’s lo-fi angsty protopunk recalls some of the finer stoner rock of the late 60’s through today.

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Cuesta Loeb “Dive”

Daughter of world-renown jazz guitarist Chuck Loeb and Spanish singer-songwriter/actress Carmen Cuesta, Christina Cuesta Loeb releases her single “Dive” a shoegazy by way of 4AD slow burn that is has both a big chunky memorable riff and the dream like

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Mini Bear “Prophecy Girl”

Great video inspired by the Tom Hanks classic 80’s comedy Big. Much like it’s visual inspiration, the song has an interesting 80’s vibe, however unlike the Penny Marshall directed movie this song has a dark New Romantic under-current that is

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The Retakes “Trash”

“Trash” by The Retakes of Minneapolis, Mn — recalls some of the more experimental side of early 90’s college rock, while mix it with early dark goth punk. It’s a energetic track, that will leave you humming the chorus for

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The Empty Page “Big Wheel”

Manchester’s The Empty Page, like the band’s namesake bring a nice experimental edge to raw emotional rock. Their new song “Big Wheel” from their album Unfolding which was recorded in one week by the band and famed producer Garth Richardson.

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Natalie Gaza and Post Op Trance “50 Thousand Feet”

Indiana’s Natalie Gaza with her new band Post Op Trance’s first single “50 Thousand Feet” is a dense rocker that so much mass and swagger that it would put any of the classic arena gods to shame. Cherry picking its

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John Alcabean “Fire”

Danish post-punk trio John Alcabean come through with all the promise of early 90’s shoegaze that never came to fruition as the genre died quietly under the Doc Martined boot of Grunge. This shimmering monolith of a song bowls you

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Sigmund Void “Kamikaze Flower”

Neo-Psychedelic band Sigmund Void produced the song “Kamikaze Flower” with a single Shure 57 microphone, despite it’s lo-fi roots the song is eerily beautiful and floats like a sonic Francis Bacon painting.

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GRIT “New Car”

The term breakneck isn’t used enough these days, but with the erratic shifts in direction New Car takes it’s simply too good of a description to pass by. GRIT is a trio hailing form the great state of California, but

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The ThreeFiveSevens “She’s Gonna Run”

The ThreeFiveSevens come in with Post-Punk swagger and college radio girl group harmonies. A tight little weird microcosm of their own creation, unlike anything that you’re likely to hear anywhere else. Definitely worth a submersion into their world.

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