Month: October 2016

Hands Off Gretel “Teethin”

As I’ve previously stated on PopOcculture, there really does seem to be a resurgences of 90’s styled RiotGrrl/Punk that’s bubbling up all around the world. No band exemplifies this better than England’s Hands Off Gretel. Just, a bit over a

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bruiser queen “Telepathic Mind”

bruiser queen is a great 60’s influenced garage rock duo that’s been hitting the Midwest hard for a number of years now. With great ability to create dynamic and dancey songs with great studio built harmonies they are guaranteed not

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Hammered Satin “Strawberries N’ Cream”

There is such a small window between pastiche and tongue and cheek mimicry that most times people confused the former for the later. However there are also times where it just doesn’t matter because it’s just too damn good of

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Bleach Girls “Like You”

Bleach Girls’ debut single “Like You” exhibits all the best trappings of west coast garage rock with the swagger of the ’77 New York scene. The song has monster riffs, catchy melodies and tight female/male harmonies that you just don’t

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Fizzed “Oh Donovan”

I’m not sure that I understand all of the symbology of this Troma quality video. However, the song is a great throwback to blown out great rock, and possibly has some of the best yelps this side of Alan Vega.

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Kid Trials “It Goes”

From the “anti-capitalist art & music collective” non•market’s Comp 2, Oakland transplants and North Carolina natives Kid Trials drop some fuzz pop in the form of this great track “It Goes.” Check it out!

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Morricone Youth “Barbara”

Full discoloser, I’ve seen the movie Night of the Living Dead more times than I’d care to admit publically, so honestly this song already had a strike against it. However Morricone Youth’s reimagining of the score as a 80’s horror

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Potty Mouth “Smash Hit”

The first single from Potty Mouth’s debut LP coming out nearly next year, “Smash Hit” gives the big sound of the 90’s that should have been on the soundtrack to Clueless. It’s a solid track with great harmonies and a

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