Month: November 2016

The May Company “Son of the Skies”

First of all, after going to The May Company’s web-page, and seeing a bikini-clad Allen Ginsberg with Shiva arms, I knew that this was a band for me. This 17 minute burner is by a mile the longest song that

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Captain Morris “White Girl”

I’ll be honest the first 5 seconds that I heard of this song rang of the insincerity of 90% of the garage rock revivalists around these days. Playing up the trappings of the genre without going into the feeling or

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Milkpunch “Butterflies In My Head”

Hard and edgy Milkpunch’s “Butterflies in my Head” remind you of all the good things that came out of the 90’s alternative scene, without feeling forced or like a nostalgia trip. It’s definitely a band to keep an eye out

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We Are Not Pop Music “Flesh”

According to their biography, We Are Not Pop Music is: “the representation of the effect produced by pop culture on thought and aesthetics, which we highlight juxtaposing style symbols considered strong, when seen on their own, but that are weak

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ex-mothers “Neon Drones”

Great single from NYC’s ex-mothers features massive riffs, skittering beats and oddly timed harmonies. Makes me think of late 70’s punk in a sense of liberation of the music rather than the uniformity of modern punk. Highly recommended. Looks like

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Period Bomb “Jack Shit”

Recalling a lot of the more interesting avant-garde punk of the 80’s Period Bomb’s “Jack Shit” is so antithetical to the pop song structure that it feels like it’s coming from another planet. This song is just so good that

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Heavy Heart “Teenage Witch”

London’s Heavy Heart has been releasing a song a month for the past year, however “Teenage Witch” has been the first installment that I’ve had the pleasure to have listened to. It’s sunny harmonies belie the deep emotional feeling that

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