Month: January 2017


In an alternative universe where Nobunny provided the music for Rocky Horror Picture show exists the band Nightmen. The first single off of their sophomore album “Can’t Avoid Success”, “AHAHAHAH (OH NO)” is some of the sugariest garage rock you’ll

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Best of 2016

Alright, so I was a little lax, this being the first year that I decided to do the ubiquitous year-end list for the blog. However, I did go through the effort of tracking down some of our favorite melomaniacs &

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The Spinal Chords “Til We Come”

Super raw, but very promising The Spinal Chords’ first single “Til We Come” shows extreme promise of a powerhouse of the Pebbles style proto-punk. Well worth checking out so you can say you were there before they blew up.

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Joanna Sternberg “I Will Be With You”

Alright, so this song doesn’t rock’n’roll like a lot of the song I tend to write about. So you know that there has to be something very exceptional about the song to take it into our little den of iniquity.

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The Widowers “I Laugh At Everything”

Another 90’s genre that’s been sparking a lot of interest lately is the overwhelming amount of slacker rock that’s been coming from both coasts. Meanwhile bands like The Widowers, rather than playing songs directly out of the Pavement songbook are

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NEW EViL “Pale Skin Latin Girls”

While the song title might sound like a questionable Google search, NEW EViL’s “Pale Skin Latin Girls” is one of those songs that brings in the right amount of diverse sounds from RiotGrrrl to haunted blown out garage rock. After

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True Moon “Sugar”

The quickest way to the heart is through the rib cage, and True Moon’s “Sugar” punches straight through with a driving hook-ridden post-punk that would surely have been a dance hit at The Batcave circa 1983.

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