Month: March 2017

Graves “RIP” EP

The nervous energy radiates off of London’s Graves’ “No-Ones There, No-One Stare”, like the first time you heard “Blood Visions”. These three short and precise songs are exactly what’s missing from the music scene these days. You can download the

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FalseHeads – Comfort Consumption

A little bit of a down shift from their previous single that we featured, Comfort Consumption finds the band’s work just as tight in this low-key mode as they are when their wound tight. FalseHeads are definitely a band to

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Kepi Ghoulie “Lost and Lovin’ It”

The first time I heard the term “Ramonescore” was the first time I heard Kepi’s band The Groovie Ghoulies, who — if you haven’t heard, go buy a few of their records before going any further. 30 years into his

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Jacob Disedare “Muse”

Calling up the ghosts of college radio past, Nashville, Tennessee’s Jacob Disedare presents us with “Muse”, a song that is full of angular guitars and a tightly woozy rhythm, that will incediously worm it’s way into your brain until it’s

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moonweather “Burn Me”

If you were to look up ernest unassuming indie rock in the dictionary*, it would just send you to watch the video for moonweather’s “Burn Me”, a catchy extremely animated (both literally for the video and figuratively for the music)

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The Stranger “7in”

St. Louis, Missouri is fast becoming one of my favorite scenes. Especially all the music that has been circling around The Sinkhole venue. The Stranger is a thrashy/trashy punk band that comes straight down the middle with some really solid

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Aquarian Blood “Asshole In The Castle”

Aquarian Blood’s “Asshole in the Castle” features bubbly psych-pop vocals betray the sheer ferocity and power of the playing. It’s the iconoclastic kind of styling that you’d expect from a release on Goner. Definitely one of the most unique songs

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Harsh Crowd “Clowns”

With the chant “Democracy’s as good as dead / don’t let them get inside your head” Brooklyn based “Harsh Crowd” just wrote the slow-jam for the coming political apocalypse.

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Bleeders “Gash”

Trashy and tuneful, The Bleeder’s “Gash” is a solid wall of feminist noise from the east coast that’s incredibly smart and well written. Gash by Bleeders

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The Fabulous Minx “Don’t Be A Wimp”

Catchy, and clocking in at 45 seconds it gets directly to the point. Like this review. Listen to this now.

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Annabel Allum “Rich Backgrounds”

With a heaviness that would make PJ Harvey envious, “Rich Backgrounds” sounds like political folk cranked to 11. It’s definitely a unique sound that will get caught in your head for days.

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Slingshot Dakota “Grudge”

The two-piece Slingshot Dakota make extremely catchy, caustic and oddly wonderfully crunchy songs. With just piano and drums they have figured out a way to be heavy and melodic without falling in the typical two-piece pitfalls. These songs are available

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The Fuzzy Crystals “The King Is Dead”

There has been a seriously good run of psych releases lately, and one that I find to be incredibly true to the pre-Woodstock sound is “The King Is Dead” by The Fuzzy Crystals, a sweeping landscape full of Zeppelin-sized epic

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Jesus on Heroine “Musasabi”

Jesus on Heroine’s new video for “Musasabi” is as trippy as the song is hypnotic. From the parkouring Asian school-girls to clips from about a thousand 90’s commercials, movies and skateboarding videos, the video takes the Mtv quick cut look

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All-Night Visitors “Poor Thing”

There is an undeniable heart of rock and roll that is touched upon in All-Night Visitor’s new single “Poor Thing”. With it’s nuanced and varied sound, it’s one of those rare songs that sound like it was recorded either 50

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Karen Meats the Vahnevants

Karen Meat and the Vahnevants, two great Des Moines sounds that taste oh so great together. On this release, we find local singer/songwriter/musically schizophrenic pop-star Karen Meat getting dissolved into the acid-drenched “Back from the Grave” stylings of the Vahnevants.

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Girls in Synthesis “The Mound”

There’s something dark and gritty to the sound of Girls in Synthesis’ “The Mound” it’s a song that explores the sonic territory that really hasn’t been well documented since the heyday of post-punk. With lyrics that reference the occult, and

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