Month: April 2017

Heavy Suns “Hide”

Heavy psych from North Yorkshire, Heavy Suns are blown-out, hypnotizing, acid-drenched and your new favorite band.

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Cuesta Loeb “Grass it Grows”

The previous time that I wrote about Cuesta Loeb I compared her to the 90’s 4AD sound, and “Grass It Grows” brings that Kim Deal bass to the forefront as well as the sugary sweet vocals. This song fulfills are

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Jacob Disedare – Hotel

“Why does it take so long?” Jacob Disedare sings in his new single “Hotel” a song that’s straight out of the 90’s glam revival. Tight lyrics and janglely guitars the song is note perfect in so many ways.

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Heavy Heart “Fruitfly”

Heavy Heart are back with “Fruitfly” a poppy uptempo number with superb harmonies, and a great video that will make anyone who grew up on Public Access and 120 Minutes nostolgic for those simpler, weirder times.

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StarBenders “Far From Heaven”

There are a lot of bands out there right now hwo are mining the 80’s sound for all it’s worth, most of the time they’re pulling the things that made the music of that decade soft and plastic-like. However Atlanta,

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Shrinking Minds “Something Better”

Liverpool based Shrinking Minds come right out of the gates channeling mid-90’s Chapel Hill, loud frenetic guitars and shout-along choruses bring “Something Better” to the forefront of a new generation of loud guitar centered pop.

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Odd Pets “Heavy Petting”

Sometimes when you listen to a (song/band/album) you find it nearly impossible to convey to anybody else, in words, the feeling of excitement and renewed enthusiasm for music that it has brought to you. Sometimes you sit up late at

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Bleeding Knees Club “Chew The Gum”

Australia’s Bleeding Knees Bring on the sugary nihilism of being a teenager. With the chanting chorus “Chew the Gum / Till All the Flavor’s Gone”, and it’s humorously crude music video “Chew The Gum” rides the fine line between garage

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Los Tones “What Happened”

Australia’s Los Tones brings everything to a slow and steady simmer in their song “What Happened” hallmarked by a mid-tempo back beat and hollow reverbed production, the entire song feels like it’s moments away from explosion without ever coming to

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Audio Jane “Atmosphere”

To open the great lost 90’s movie soundtrack would be Audio Jane’s “Atmosphere”, with the singer’s hushed smokey vocals and the cinematic quality of the band’s performance. You could definitely hear it being played during that poignant pivotal scene when

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