Illuminati Hotties “You’re Better (That Ever)”

Anybody who’s ever submitted to me can attest that sometimes it takes a while to get back to them. (as of this morning my email box was 3k deep) However, the winner of the grand prize for patience, are my new friends* the Illuminati Hotties who have been waiting since long before it started getting cold outside for me to stumble across their email.

Hopefully, you’re already listening to this rather than just reading this ramble, so that you know that the song is a tight and poppily infectious song that’s a ray of sunshine in these graying days post Halloween doldrums. One of the catchiest songs I’ve heard in a long time. Definitely a band you should be throwing your money at.

* I say friends in desperate hope for free stuff from the band, and indie cred once they’re a household name. (check, and check)

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