Month: December 2017

Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? “Bambi Act”

One of the fastest re-appearances in the history of Pop Occulture, Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS?’s new single “Bambi Act” is the shining example of Organ Pop that doesn’t fall apart into a mess of nostalgia

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Sunstinger “Polarized”

The song comes in with a stiff Factory Records beat that really sets the tone of how the song is going to be going from there on out. From the blurry vocals to the driving bass line, the song just

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Cooler “Buried”

Assertive sounding without shedding itself of the romantic emotionalism of the 3 minute pop song, Cooler’s “Buried” has the cinematic quality of a coming of age movie – all tears then good feelings. Not to say that the song is

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The Pistol Mystics “Deep Water”

Cincinnati’s The Pistol Mystics come hot out of the gate with massive riffs that hover between nostalgic and fresh at the same time. Reminding me of a “hot-rod rock” version of how The Ramones took the classic girl-group sound and

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The Pantheon “Arizona Sky”

Stuck somewhere between The Misfits and the soundtrack to a John Hugues movie, The Pantheon’s “Arizona Sky” is a dark pop track with delayed and reverbed guitar, and very precise thudding drums. Like the Arizona sky The Pantheon paints a

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Swamp Child “Honeybee”

With sharp playing, and vocals that boarder on PJ Harvey territory, Swamp Child’s “Sweet Honeybee” focuses on the type of blues rock that bands like the Black Keys used to pull off so well. Definitely a slow burner, but well

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The Prefab Messiahs “Everything U No”

One of my favorite songs that I’ve heard off of Burger/Lollipop in a while… The Prefab Messiahs “Everything U No” come in with all the pop smarts and guitar riffs that both labels have been known for. However, there is

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The Altered Hours “Open Wide”

If I were to tempt you with the premise of Kim Deal joining Echo and the Bunnymen doesn’t get you to press play. Not only should you stop reading this article, but you should also probably stop coming to this

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Gregory Richard “Hoop Earrings”

Unlike this solo project’s last coverage on Pop Occulture, Gregory Richard’s “Hoop Earrings” is far less Psychobilly than an expertly crafted combination of Nick Cave and Tom Waits that lies somewhere between a psycho-sexual drama and the compulsive ruminations of

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argonaut&wasp “Psychedelic Freak”

Sounding more like MGMT, than they themselves have for over 3 albums now. argonaut&wasp’s “Psychedelic Freak”, contains all the right psychedelic and 80’s synth that brought the previous band such great acclaim. This song song has a booty shaking synth

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Pink Milk “Muscles”

Slightly more ambient than our previous outing with Pink Milk “Kill 4 U”, and fades out painfully short of what feels like a total pay off, their new outing “Muscles” is still a worthy investment of your listening hours. The

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Pansies “Green Apple Eyes”

Coming straight out of a cloud of what I assume to be patchuli smoke comes the Pansies’ “Green Apple Eyes”, it’s hard to think of a more authentically pop-psych sounding song that has come out in recent memory. With it’s

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The Coffinhunters “Get Lost”

The Coffinhunters by The Coffinhunters The Coffinhunters are a post-punk band from Ohio, their haunting and hunted sounding song “Get Lost” sounds like it came straight off of a compilation put out by Projeckt records. It’s tight and churning, and

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The Foreign Resort “Suburban Depression”

Sometimes I just have a post-punk itch that needs to be scratched, and The Foreign Resort’s “Suburban Depression” fits that bill to a t. From the gated reverbed snares, to the Peter Hook-ish bass. The Foreign Resort plunders the genre

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Angry Skeletons “Floating Awkwardly”

From second one, you know what kind of song that Angry Skeletons’ “Floating Awkwardly” will be. Coming in like a track off the second half of Incesticide, the song is the kind of brazen furious tracks that feels as cathartic

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Sonny Baker “Reluctant Thief”

Oddly the most out of the ordinary song that I’ve posted in a while is a pretty straight forward and well written indie rock track by the one and only Sonny Baker (strike that, there’s probably a lot of Sonny

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Snuffed by the Yakuza “Trippin”

I can only assume that Snuffed by the Yakuza’s “Trippin” is a literal representation of what it would sound like walking into a hardcore show out of your mind with a head-full of windowpane. If you don’t know what that

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Gregory Richard “Napalm Blonde”

Built around a 50’s Sci-Fi B-Movie theremin keyboard part and the type of guitar playing that I last heard on episodes of Ren and Stimpy (and this is a very sad fact of life, that Gregory Richard has gleefully rectified)

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Giant Kitty “Et2YT”

Giant Kitty is back again with a great new single “Et2YT” (waits a beat for the people who are really good at deciphering license plates gets the name) For the past year or so people have been touting the “return

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Leggy “Grrrls Like Us”

“Grrrls Like Us” finds the band in a very buzzy/poppy mood and reminds me of something that would have come out on Merge back in the day. Luckily for all of us Leggy is getting around to remastering/re-releasing their limited

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