Giant Kitty “Et2YT”

Giant Kitty is back again with a great new single “Et2YT” (waits a beat for the people who are really good at deciphering license plates gets the name) For the past year or so people have been touting the “return of punk” solely based on the fact that punks really have the best new target in the White House since Regan. However, the truth is that there’s always been good punk and great targets. It’s just great new bands like Giant Kitty are just getting started in this political claimant.

In the video for “Et2YT” we see Kitty and Co. satirizing the 24hr news cycle, and everything that comes along with it. The tongue in cheek sensibility of the band is in full display, and it doesn’t hurt that this is yet another powerhouse of a catchy song either. Check it out above, or better yet you should have been listening to it rather than reading this long and overly elaborate explanation for “Hey, great song!”

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