The Foreign Resort “Suburban Depression”

Sometimes I just have a post-punk itch that needs to be scratched, and The Foreign Resort’s “Suburban Depression” fits that bill to a t. From the gated reverbed snares, to the Peter Hook-ish bass. The Foreign Resort plunders the genre for all of it’s best trappings, and put their own spin on it.

There is just something deeply satisfying about when “goth” is done right, as it has definitely been done here – like the feel of the 8th day of wearing the same depression bathrobe while you sit and watch the weather turn a little more gray outside of your window everyday. Oh, did I just reveal too much about how I’ve spent my week? Sorry for that.

Definitely a song to check out, I’ve also been delving deep into their Part Time Punks sessions. Be sure to check them out.

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