Month: January 2018

The Muffin Heads “Bang Says the Gun”

Walking into this song, the thing that I wasn’t expecting was the industrial level of aggression in front-woman Bex’s vocals. If they hadn’t self-identified as punk I would have been more than tempted to slot them in with the Al

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Lauren Ruth Ward “Sideways”

I have to admit it, this is the first time I actually sat down to see what other people were saying about the artist that I’m writing about. It’s not because I’m a lazy hack writer who needs other people’s

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The Rotten Mango “In Love With the Afternoon”

As far as garage-pop psychedelia goes, there’s not much out there that is touching the Syd Barrett levels of lysergic insanity the way The Rotten Mangos are. This tight little two-piece from Texas, infuse their paisley lollipop with a raw

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