Month: January 2018

Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? “Corazone”

Anybody who’s been following the blog as of late, has to have noticed me reviewing this band before. I don’t know what much new I can say about them except for… They’re better than 99.999% bands out there? This song

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fauxcanada “Projector”

From the the rubbery bass, to the coo-ing vocals – “Projector” screams 90–early 2000’s indie pop in all the best ways. To say that fuxcanada is just a nostolgia act would bring the band a great disservice however, from their

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Young Elk “Murderer”

If you are unfamiliar with Portland’s Young Elk or Minnesota’s Low, I hope that this is a good introduction to both of them. Straying (not too far) away from their late 90’s emo-folk aesthetic Young Elk brings us their interpretation

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The Golden Web “The Emperor”

As I told The Golden Web when they sent me this track, if I were to turn down this video, I’d have to change the name to something other than Pop Occulture. “The Emperor” is big hooky phased T-Rex rock

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Banzai Cliff “Too Young To Die”

When people ask me what kind of music I like, my canned response is “Big Dumb Rock”, while this might sound like I’m being dismissive of the very thing that I love, but The Ramones are big dumb rock, Suicide

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Slow Roar

So the second I say that something is a “first” on Pop Occulture, I then run over it by doing it again. Here are two tracks by Slow Roar, “Be The Bleed” & “Honey” with one foot in The Jesus

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Vowws “Esseff”

It’s hard to think of a song that’s this dark that also swings, bringing together divergent sounds from 80’s new wave to early 2000’s industrial the track has a really good over all feel that also has the unique perspective

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The Muffin Heads “Bang Says the Gun”

Walking into this song, the thing that I wasn’t expecting was the industrial level of aggression in front-woman Bex’s vocals. If they hadn’t self-identified as punk I would have been more than tempted to slot them in with the Al

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Lauren Ruth Ward “Sideways”

I have to admit it, this is the first time I actually sat down to see what other people were saying about the artist that I’m writing about. It’s not because I’m a lazy hack writer who needs other people’s

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The Rotten Mango “In Love With the Afternoon”

As far as garage-pop psychedelia goes, there’s not much out there that is touching the Syd Barrett levels of lysergic insanity the way The Rotten Mangos are. This tight little two-piece from Texas, infuse their paisley lollipop with a raw

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