Slow Roar

So the second I say that something is a “first” on Pop Occulture, I then run over it by doing it again. Here are two tracks by Slow Roar, “Be The Bleed” & “Honey” with one foot in The Jesus and Mary Chain and one foot deeply into the PJ Harvey territory. These tracks both have a visceral quality that has one foot in the Dionysian and one foot in the Apollonian, it’s this cerebral hedonism that marks the songs as being too dichotomous to really put your finger on.

Sorry for the big words, I try to avoid theme. When music like this comes across my desk however, I turn into a huge drooling nerd over it. It’s hard to say how fucking good this music is without whipping out a few $5 words. Check them out, buy their stuff, show them your love.

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