Banzai Cliff “Too Young To Die”

When people ask me what kind of music I like, my canned response is “Big Dumb Rock”, while this might sound like I’m being dismissive of the very thing that I love, but The Ramones are big dumb rock, Suicide is big dumb rock, The Beatles despite all the charades of high artistry are a big dumb rock band. Banzai Cliff (I hope they don’t mind me saying this) fit squarely in that category.

“Too Young To Die” has hooks big enough to catch Jaws, and has one of those melodies that makes you wonder the entire time that you’re listening to where you’ve heard it before. It sounds like it could have been recorded nearly any time in the past 60 years without hallmarks of when and where it was created. This type of timelessness isn’t easy to come by, and every time I hear something like it I just have to press repeat until my head explodes.

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