Death Valley Girls “Disaster (Is What We’re After)”

What do you get when you combine The Death Valley Girls, Iggy Pop, Troma alum Kansas Bowling behind the director’s chair and an homage to Andy Warhol?

My favorite video in years. Now I wish that I could say that I read all these little bits of information off of their press release for the video, but no. I believe that this video was made just for me, because it captures the complete randomness of the things that I am interested in — and you should be too.

I can’t say a bad thing about any element going on here, especially the song. Gritty and haunting “Disaster (Is What We’re After)” might be the best song that I’ve ever heard from the band, possibly ever. If you haven’t heard the Death Valley Girls before, what the hell are you doing reading my ramblings here? Press play!

After that go buy every Death Valley Girls album, once you’ve done that — go buy Kansas’ BC Butcher, and if you don’t own at least 50% of Iggy’s discography you’re dead to me anyways.

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