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Blood Child “Suicide Boy”

Blood Child bring out the pure unadulterated post-punk sound of the late 70’s in their new live recording of the song “Suicide Boy”. Tight in all the right areas while the free floating pain-filled lyrics drift into another dimension. Definitely

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Hands Off Gretel “Teethin”

As I’ve previously stated on PopOcculture, there really does seem to be a resurgences of 90’s styled RiotGrrl/Punk that’s bubbling up all around the world. No band exemplifies this better than England’s Hands Off Gretel. Just, a bit over a

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Apartment 3 “Common Abnormalities”

Reportedly recorded under a leaky pipe, directly to reel to reel with no overdubs, with a live audience. Apartment 3’s lo-fi angsty protopunk recalls some of the finer stoner rock of the late 60’s through today.

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Transpiritus Video

DRUIDS / live from Transpiritus on Vimeo. How did you get into filming shows? I have been filming shows off and on but got more serious about it when I acquired some decent gear. Your shooting style has a very

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Fast becoming one of our favorite bands. Watch, Nostromo, a heavy Des Moines 3 piece, who are also (presumably) named after the spaceship in the original Alien movie, rock a Des Moines restaurant back in 2014!

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