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Wutip “Street Lights”

If Wutip’s “Street Lights” was any more 77″ Brit-Punk, I’d swear it was a re-issue. This buzzy and and energetic single reminds me of all the best things to come out of the London scene, everything from it’s marble mouth

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M.A.G.S. “Drugs”

Full of Beach Boys’ syrupy sweet sunshine, M.A.G.S. “Drugs” feels like there’s quite a bit of a deeper darkness that lies underneath, that makes me wonder what was happening in those substance fueled nights where Dennis was hanging out with

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Basement Bout “Another Night”

When I think of Sweden, I tend to think of twee bedroom pop and not huge, sleazy, garage rock riffs. However, that’s a stereotype that Basement Bout is about to knock out of my head for good with their new

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Vazum “Fall Guy”

The first thing that smacks you in the face about “Fall Guy” is the just how interesting the drumming sounds compared to a lot of other groups out there right now. This punchy little post-punk track really stands out in

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Kingdom of Birds “Lined Paper Song”

The first thing that hits you about “Lined Paper Song” is just the wonderful snotty ’77 punk delivery of Ása Berezny vocals. It’s amazing how tight and poppy these kids (none of them are even old enough to vote) actually

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Leggy “Not What You Need”

Another band that’s back on Pop Occulture after a year plus absence, with a great new song, Leggy’s “Not What You Need”, which while the delivery sounds smooth and seductive, has a very jagged heart in it’s center as frenetic

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Surf Cassette “Summer’s End”

Straight out of Milan Italy, The Surf Cassettes perfectly capture that hollow but sunny garage surf vibe without becoming just another pale repetition. Having spent a little time with the rest of their album that came out just under a

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Nala “How, When & Where”

Sweden’s Nala just put out their first single “How, When & Where”, it is one of those tracks where you can’t tell where in the last 40 years it could have been recorded. This hard-hitting combination of psychedelia and stoner

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Giant Kitty “You Suck”

Pop Occulture favorites Giant Kitty are back with the video for their new single “You Suck” an all out rocker, that has an important message to convey to the world. That being that you, and I’m pretty sure it is

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Dracula Factory “Shiver”

Once every blue moon or so New Jersey resident Christopher Padula (Thunder Bunny, Black Rabbit) comes out of seclusion and offers the us a glimpse unique and wonderful world of shoegaze influenced psychedelic folk. However, this time around with his

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Broken Baby “Don’t Be Rude”

“Don’t Be Rude” finds LA-Based Broken Baby, burning through the scant 2:40 of the song with a weird and wired energy that’s as infectious as it is caustic. With a wit that’s sorely lacking in these days, the song exorcises

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Pink Milk “Kill 4 U”

I’ve been getting so many cold, reverbed out, angsty songs I started thinking that someone has hacked 4AD’s site to have me be the person handling their demos. However, Pink Milk’s “Kill 4 U”, gives more credibility to the darkwave

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Ramonda Hammer “Too Much, Too Recently”

Probably the most consistently great bands to grace Pop Occulture, Ramonda Hammer’s “Too Much, Too Recently” is just as emotionally raw and amazingly blistering as their last single “Bender”. “Too Much…” has about as much drama and emotional gravity as

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Smoke Mountain “Demon”

While metal isn’t entirely outside of the scope of Pop Occulture, I believe that Smoke Mountain might be the heaviest thing that we’ve ever featured on the page. Their song “Demon” should be featured in every mid-70’s to late 80’s

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Ramonda Hammer “Bender”

Ramonda Hammer is back once again with their own brand of hi-fi emotionally raw 90’s alt-pop. “Bender” was written while binge watching Shameless, and the grit might have rubbed off as this is one of the most angsty songs I’ve

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Winter “Jaded”

In recent years Burger Records has had a great undercurrent of great bands that evoke that great 90’s flavored woman-centric pop punk, and Winter’s “Jaded” is another shining example. The song finds Samira Winter writing solid pop hooks, with just

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SLOWKISS “Pink Death”

On the lighter side, here is SLOWKISS’ new single “Pink Death” with breathy 90’s harmonies, the band reminds me of a few of the super obscure bands from the 90’s LA scene that were criminally overlooked, but let’s not let

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Horace Bones “Stranger Danger”

While the song sometimes narrowly misses the Rob Zombie territory vocally throughout the chorus, it is an interesting sound that brings a new texture in their traditionally horror punk vibe. Australia’s Horace Bones are a tight unit that drive the

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Think Tank “Krautrock”

Brooklyn’s Think Tank departs from it’s more experimental sound with this pretty straight forward rocker “Krautrock” an oddly catchy track straight out of an “Experimental Jet Set” vibe. The song quickly finds it’s groove and it’s snotty 77 punk attitude

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Loco Ono “Black Hole”

Despite winning the 2017 pun band name competition (as chosen by me), London’s Loco Ono’s new single “Black Hole” finds them mining 90’s alt-pop and cranking it up to 11 and adding a breakneck drum beat. The song has a

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Bravery Cat “Fractal”

Toronto natives Bravery Cat’s “Fractal” sounds like the meticulous cross-breeding of Post-Punk and Power Pop. It’s a stone-faced rocker with a ghostly presence you’re not going to be able to ignore. Their new EP Apocalypse Meow is streaming on their

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Hunx and His Punx “Baby of the Band”

If I have to explain to you why a new (old, unreleased) Hunx song is the best news I’ve heard in a long time, you’re on the wrong page.

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Traitrs “Hand of Holy Fingers”

First track off of Traitrs’ “Speak in Tounges” Ep out on Pleasence Records. This is the type of gothic post punk that makes the 16 year old inside of me dance by himself in the corner. It’s we well produced

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Cuesta Loeb “Grass it Grows”

The previous time that I wrote about Cuesta Loeb I compared her to the 90’s 4AD sound, and “Grass It Grows” brings that Kim Deal bass to the forefront as well as the sugary sweet vocals. This song fulfills are

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Jacob Disedare – Hotel

“Why does it take so long?” Jacob Disedare sings in his new single “Hotel” a song that’s straight out of the 90’s glam revival. Tight lyrics and janglely guitars the song is note perfect in so many ways.

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StarBenders “Far From Heaven”

There are a lot of bands out there right now hwo are mining the 80’s sound for all it’s worth, most of the time they’re pulling the things that made the music of that decade soft and plastic-like. However Atlanta,

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Los Tones “What Happened”

Australia’s Los Tones brings everything to a slow and steady simmer in their song “What Happened” hallmarked by a mid-tempo back beat and hollow reverbed production, the entire song feels like it’s moments away from explosion without ever coming to

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Audio Jane “Atmosphere”

To open the great lost 90’s movie soundtrack would be Audio Jane’s “Atmosphere”, with the singer’s hushed smokey vocals and the cinematic quality of the band’s performance. You could definitely hear it being played during that poignant pivotal scene when

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Graves “RIP” EP

The nervous energy radiates off of London’s Graves’ “No-Ones There, No-One Stare”, like the first time you heard “Blood Visions”. These three short and precise songs are exactly what’s missing from the music scene these days. You can download the

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FalseHeads – Comfort Consumption

A little bit of a down shift from their previous single that we featured, Comfort Consumption finds the band’s work just as tight in this low-key mode as they are when their wound tight. FalseHeads are definitely a band to

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