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Heavy Suns “Hide”

Heavy psych from North Yorkshire, Heavy Suns are blown-out, hypnotizing, acid-drenched and your new favorite band.

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Heavy Heart “Fruitfly”

Heavy Heart are back with “Fruitfly” a poppy uptempo number with superb harmonies, and a great video that will make anyone who grew up on Public Access and 120 Minutes nostolgic for those simpler, weirder times.

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Shrinking Minds “Something Better”

Liverpool based Shrinking Minds come right out of the gates channeling mid-90’s Chapel Hill, loud frenetic guitars and shout-along choruses bring “Something Better” to the forefront of a new generation of loud guitar centered pop.

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Bleeding Knees Club “Chew The Gum”

Australia’s Bleeding Knees Bring on the sugary nihilism of being a teenager. With the chanting chorus “Chew the Gum / Till All the Flavor’s Gone”, and it’s humorously crude music video “Chew The Gum” rides the fine line between garage

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Kepi Ghoulie “Lost and Lovin’ It”

The first time I heard the term “Ramonescore” was the first time I heard Kepi’s band The Groovie Ghoulies, who — if you haven’t heard, go buy a few of their records before going any further. 30 years into his

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moonweather “Burn Me”

If you were to look up ernest unassuming indie rock in the dictionary*, it would just send you to watch the video for moonweather’s “Burn Me”, a catchy extremely animated (both literally for the video and figuratively for the music)

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Harsh Crowd “Clowns”

With the chant “Democracy’s as good as dead / don’t let them get inside your head” Brooklyn based “Harsh Crowd” just wrote the slow-jam for the coming political apocalypse.

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The Fabulous Minx “Don’t Be A Wimp”

Catchy, and clocking in at 45 seconds it gets directly to the point. Like this review. Listen to this now.

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Jesus on Heroine “Musasabi”

Jesus on Heroine’s new video for “Musasabi” is as trippy as the song is hypnotic. From the parkouring Asian school-girls to clips from about a thousand 90’s commercials, movies and skateboarding videos, the video takes the Mtv quick cut look

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All-Night Visitors “Poor Thing”

There is an undeniable heart of rock and roll that is touched upon in All-Night Visitor’s new single “Poor Thing”. With it’s nuanced and varied sound, it’s one of those rare songs that sound like it was recorded either 50

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If I were to drop all the names that False Heads rightly do in their press release — from being heralded by Iggy Pop (aka the one and living god), and recording Pete Townsend’s (a pretty decent guitar strummer) studio,

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The Black Angels “Currency”

Being a blog that is based 99% off of submissions*, there are few that were bigger no-brainers than featuring The Black Angels, who quite frankly over the last decade or so have become the yardstick in which most neo-psych bands

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Rotten Mind “Things I Can’t See”

A ferocious 900mph track from Sweden’s Rotten Mind is some of the most promising music in the vein of Jay Reatard that I’ve heard in quite sometime. This song is coming out on a 7″ that will be backed with

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Joanna Sternberg “I Will Be With You”

Alright, so this song doesn’t rock’n’roll like a lot of the song I tend to write about. So you know that there has to be something very exceptional about the song to take it into our little den of iniquity.

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Dream Nails “Deep Heat”

“Feminist punk witches from hell” Dream Nails are back on Pop Occulture to put a hex on someone who I can’t even bring myself to say his name, because every time I do I start a crying jag about how

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Leggy “Bruises”

Leggy is a trio from Cincinnati, OH. Creating some of the interestingly smeary/dreamy/noisy punk out there these days. Leggy is making music that’s not quite like anything else that we’re hearing out there and that’s about the best compliment that

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Swim Team “Are You Forgetting Something”

Melbourne-based four-piece Swim Team come out the gate with some of the coolest 60’s surf by way of mid-90’s college radio that I’ve heard in years. Jangly, yet one of the tightest bands I’ve heard in ages. I can’t wait

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Hands Off Gretel “Teethin”

As I’ve previously stated on PopOcculture, there really does seem to be a resurgences of 90’s styled RiotGrrl/Punk that’s bubbling up all around the world. No band exemplifies this better than England’s Hands Off Gretel. Just, a bit over a

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Fizzed “Oh Donovan”

I’m not sure that I understand all of the symbology of this Troma quality video. However, the song is a great throwback to blown out great rock, and possibly has some of the best yelps this side of Alan Vega.

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Potty Mouth “Smash Hit”

The first single from Potty Mouth’s debut LP coming out nearly next year, “Smash Hit” gives the big sound of the 90’s that should have been on the soundtrack to Clueless. It’s a solid track with great harmonies and a

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ROXY JULES “Rubies & Blood”

The hypnotizing thud of Copenhagen based ROXY JULES’ “Rubes & Blood” brings up images of the later work of many New Romatic bands as they started exploring darker and darker territory. Raw and catchy, the surreal video for the track

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Mini Bear “Prophecy Girl”

Great video inspired by the Tom Hanks classic 80’s comedy Big. Much like it’s visual inspiration, the song has an interesting 80’s vibe, however unlike the Penny Marshall directed movie this song has a dark New Romantic under-current that is

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John Alcabean “Fire”

Danish post-punk trio John Alcabean come through with all the promise of early 90’s shoegaze that never came to fruition as the genre died quietly under the Doc Martined boot of Grunge. This shimmering monolith of a song bowls you

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Sigmund Void “Kamikaze Flower”

Neo-Psychedelic band Sigmund Void produced the song “Kamikaze Flower” with a single Shure 57 microphone, despite it’s lo-fi roots the song is eerily beautiful and floats like a sonic Francis Bacon painting.

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The ThreeFiveSevens “She’s Gonna Run”

The ThreeFiveSevens come in with Post-Punk swagger and college radio girl group harmonies. A tight little weird microcosm of their own creation, unlike anything that you’re likely to hear anywhere else. Definitely worth a submersion into their world.

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The Vivians “Divided We Stand”

Cool video for “Divided we Stand” from the 10th anniversary re-releease for The Vivians original demo. While the video has a very late 90’s britpop feel, the song has a great buzzy garage quality that is frenetic in it’s energy.

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The Parrots “Let’s Do It Again”

The Parrots “Let’s Do It Again” is the first single off their debut album “Los Niños Sin Mied” coming soon to Heavently Recordings dives directly into the deep end of the type of music that’s explored in the Pebbles compilations.

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Ramonda Hammer “If, Then”

We perviously shared Ramonda Hammer’s last video “Whatever That Means”, we’ll double down and say that even more than before we think that this is a great band that you should be keeping an eye out for!

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Heavy Drag “Kinda Slow”

I’m been a fan of these guys since their first single LSD, and truth be told I even put out a cassette by the band’s previous incarnation Lil Daggers a number of years ago. These guys always bang out some

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Meat Eating Orchids “Bulletproof”

With one foot in 90’s grunge, and the other one in the sound coming out of L.A.’s garage rock scene, Tel Aviv’s Meat Eating Orchids’ “Bulletproof” is a catchy song that’s here to kick you in the head.

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