The Mad Doctors “No Waves Just Sharks”

This album was sent to me months ago and somehow I overlooked it until now. These New York City, surf-punk weirdos know exactly how to pull off killer but off kilter riffs that will get stuck in your head for days.

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Lucy Gucy “Down Down Down”

Featuring our previously reviewed “Dead End Doll”, Lucy Gucy has just released their latest EP “Down Down Down” these lurid, melodic garage-pop gems make melancholy sound appealing. Why are you reading this rather than listening?

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Smoke Mountain “Demon”

While metal isn’t entirely outside of the scope of Pop Occulture, I believe that Smoke Mountain might be the heaviest thing that we’ve ever featured on the page. Their song “Demon” should be featured in every mid-70’s to late 80’s horror movie where the kids are sitting around getting stoned right before someone gets stabbed through the eye. Heavy, but not marred in the growl-laden incomprehensible tendencies of the last 20 years of the genre. Smoke Mountain is currently working on their next release and if this EP is any indication, it should be fantastic!

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Ramonda Hammer “Bender”

Ramonda Hammer is back once again with their own brand of hi-fi emotionally raw 90’s alt-pop. “Bender” was written while binge watching Shameless, and the grit might have rubbed off as this is one of the most angsty songs I’ve heard so far from the Hammer. The new EP is shaping up to be something really special!

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Narco States “Wicked Sun”

For those of you out there who are obsessed with organ heavy proto-punk, there’s no better example of bands doing it right as Minneapolis, MN’s Narco States. Their album Wicked Sun came out a few years ago, and really has stood the test of time compared to a lot of the other releases from 2014. It’s definitely something you should throw on, turn off the lights, and expand your mind to.

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Ema “Down and Out”

Ema’s “Down and Out” finds former Gowns front-woman, and indie-rock’s own William Gibson of dark futuristic visions, stripped down and vulnerable in the most inimate that she’s ever presented herself in song. The truth is I’ve never heard anybody depression sound this appealing, I’m going to crawl into bed now and cry.

Can’t wait for the new album.

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Winter “Jaded”

In recent years Burger Records has had a great undercurrent of great bands that evoke that great 90’s flavored woman-centric pop punk, and Winter’s “Jaded” is another shining example. The song finds Samira Winter writing solid pop hooks, with just the right amount of grunge in order to create a sing-along chorus that would fit well on a teen movie soundtrack.

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Foxholes “S/T”

Foxholes make the kind of unadulterated power-pop / post-punk that is only made to to be catchy and undeniably enjoyable. Following up their 2013 LP “Can’t Help Myself”, “Foxholes” finds the band that is more comfortable in their skin and willing to bend the boundaries of their sound. It’s hard to believe that this is a band that’s only been around a few short years, as they have a mature sound that many bands take an entire career to come to.

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Vahnevants “Criminals”

Any time these “Back from the Grave” inspired rockers release anything it’s a time to celebrate. Their third full length release in just as many years, “Criminals” find the band refining their wobbly and raucous music into a singular vision of re-writing the history of rock’n’roll.

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The May Company “Hair, hair (is heir)”

One of my personal favorites The May Company came to me and asked if we wanted to share with all of you the video for their new single “Hair, hair (is heir)” a video featuring Sasquatches (or possibly Yeti’s, forgive me I don’t want to be politically incorrect) and psychedelic swirled craziness. The answer? Fuck yeah! This is one of my favorite videos I’ve seen in a long time, doesn’t hurt that the band is amazing as well. Have I mentioned for you to go out and buy everything that they’ve ever touched? Do it, well worth it. Also don’t forget to support your local Bigfoot.

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