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Ramonda Hammer “Too Much, Too Recently”

Probably the most consistently great bands to grace Pop Occulture, Ramonda Hammer’s “Too Much, Too Recently” is just as emotionally raw and amazingly blistering as their last single “Bender”. “Too Much…” has about as much drama and emotional gravity as

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Winter “Jaded”

In recent years Burger Records has had a great undercurrent of great bands that evoke that great 90’s flavored woman-centric pop punk, and Winter’s “Jaded” is another shining example. The song finds Samira Winter writing solid pop hooks, with just

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Audio Jane “Atmosphere”

To open the great lost 90’s movie soundtrack would be Audio Jane’s “Atmosphere”, with the singer’s hushed smokey vocals and the cinematic quality of the band’s performance. You could definitely hear it being played during that poignant pivotal scene when

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True Moon “Sugar”

The quickest way to the heart is through the rib cage, and True Moon’s “Sugar” punches straight through with a driving hook-ridden post-punk that would surely have been a dance hit at The Batcave circa 1983.

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Giant Kitty – This Stupid Stuff

RiotGrrl seems to be making quite the comeback as of late, and Giant Kitty embodies everything that I like about the genre, including what a lot of the modern purveyors seem lacking in, having a sense of humor. Their latest

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whenyoung “See How They Run”

Debut single from London-based whenyoung is a great little fuzz pop tune that has just enough sonic exploration and drive to take what could have been a standard pop rock song and made it into something unique and interesting. Definitely

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Summer Cannibals “Full Of It”

Sumer Cannibals is a power trio from Portland, and this song makes me think of several years I spent with my ear glued to the local college radio station. It brings back all the best stuff from the late 90’s

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Acapulco Lips “Awkward Waltz”

“Awkward Waltz” is a crazy wild color surf go-go, with blown out shimmery vocals. The entire song has the aural equivalent of sitting at a 60’s tiki bar, right after someone put something your drink, but before you wake up

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Backbiter – Fvck the Bozos

Criminally short, Fvck the Bozos is a aggressive onslaught constantly verging on art punk. Out on Dirtnap Records. Fvck the Bozos by Backbiter

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The Coathangers “Make it Right”

Every year or so The Coathangers add to their already prestigious catalog, each time just a little bit more polished and ingrained in the sound that’s uniquely their own. Their latest single “Make It Right” is a tight little garage

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