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The May Company “Hair, hair (is heir)”

One of my personal favorites The May Company came to me and asked if we wanted to share with all of you the video for their new single “Hair, hair (is heir)” a video featuring Sasquatches (or possibly Yeti’s, forgive

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SLOWKISS “Pink Death”

On the lighter side, here is SLOWKISS’ new single “Pink Death” with breathy 90’s harmonies, the band reminds me of a few of the super obscure bands from the 90’s LA scene that were criminally overlooked, but let’s not let

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Hearken “Sure Shock”

With a vocal delivery that’s half Peter Murphy half Nico, Hearken’s brand of churning post-punk is both harrowing, poppy and hypnotic. It’s a song that goes off into unique and amazing areas, definitely a band worth checking out. carte blanche

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Field Trip to the Moon “Half Married”

London’s Field Trip to the Moon has swagger and attitude in abidance. Half Married is an attack on a nameless adulterer that pulls no punches. The guitar and bass sound straight out the more surf inspired early west coast punk,

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Horace Bones “Stranger Danger”

While the song sometimes narrowly misses the Rob Zombie territory vocally throughout the chorus, it is an interesting sound that brings a new texture in their traditionally horror punk vibe. Australia’s Horace Bones are a tight unit that drive the

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Think Tank “Krautrock”

Brooklyn’s Think Tank departs from it’s more experimental sound with this pretty straight forward rocker “Krautrock” an oddly catchy track straight out of an “Experimental Jet Set” vibe. The song quickly finds it’s groove and it’s snotty 77 punk attitude

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Starcrawler “Ants”

There is something undeniable about this 1:45 song about Ants. Starcrawler’s Arrow de Wilde comes across as the love child of Alice Cooper, Freddy Mercury and Mick Ronson, while the band bashes out some of the most unrepentant 70’s pop

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Loco Ono “Black Hole”

Despite winning the 2017 pun band name competition (as chosen by me), London’s Loco Ono’s new single “Black Hole” finds them mining 90’s alt-pop and cranking it up to 11 and adding a breakneck drum beat. The song has a

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Bravery Cat “Fractal”

Toronto natives Bravery Cat’s “Fractal” sounds like the meticulous cross-breeding of Post-Punk and Power Pop. It’s a stone-faced rocker with a ghostly presence you’re not going to be able to ignore. Their new EP Apocalypse Meow is streaming on their

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Maadwest “Dirt Lyfe”

“Dirt Lyfe” of of MAadwest’s 2016 debut “I Can’t Believe We’re All Idiots”, is a buzzy infectious poppy (but not pop) punk song from these Cleveland natives. Definitely that needs further inspection.

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