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Winter “Jaded”

In recent years Burger Records has had a great undercurrent of great bands that evoke that great 90’s flavored woman-centric pop punk, and Winter’s “Jaded” is another shining example. The song finds Samira Winter writing solid pop hooks, with just

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The Stranger “7in”

St. Louis, Missouri is fast becoming one of my favorite scenes. Especially all the music that has been circling around The Sinkhole venue. The Stranger is a thrashy/trashy punk band that comes straight down the middle with some really solid

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RAAVE TAPES “2 U xoxo”

Newcastle’s RAAVE TAPES’ new track “2 U xoxo” is filled with casual nihilistic sarcasm, and a jagged punk funkiness of bands like The Gossip, while retraining the pop chops of Blur. There’s something terribly British about this track that gives

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Great Profile

Great Profile is Lisa van Kampen as 21 year old singer/songwriter and all around great musician from The Netherlands. Her first two singles under the name Great Profile “Lemonaid” and “Mustchtashe and Glasses” are two of the most well crafted

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The Scamps – Porcelain 110

Cool new LP by Springfield, MO garage rockers The Scamps. With soulful yet growly vocals and great flourishes of organ, The Scamps stomp and buzz their way through the album at breakneck speed. Standout track “Let’s Get Rid of New

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whenyoung “See How They Run”

Debut single from London-based whenyoung is a great little fuzz pop tune that has just enough sonic exploration and drive to take what could have been a standard pop rock song and made it into something unique and interesting. Definitely

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The Ghost Ease “Gemini Rise”

Not exactly known for their harder garage material K Records, put out a new album by The Ghost Ease last September, an interesting combination of heavy garage rock riffing enclosed in gothic trappings. Their video for “Gemini Rise” is an

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Summer Cannibals “Full Of It”

Sumer Cannibals is a power trio from Portland, and this song makes me think of several years I spent with my ear glued to the local college radio station. It brings back all the best stuff from the late 90’s

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Eureka California – Versus

Athens, GA’s sunny/fuzzy power duo, Eureka California, just released their new album on HHBTM Records. The entire album buzzes through it’s running time with a manic glee that few other bands would be able to get away with let alone make

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Peach Kelli Pop “Halloween Mask”

Great new track from Peach Kelli Pop from her upcoming 7″ release on Lauren Records. Infectiously sweet and an all around good song.

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