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The Van T’s “Fresh Meat”

Just over the last year or so, Glasgow based four-piece The Van T’s have been… well everywhere. Including opening up The Jesus and Mary Chain in Amsterdam! Much like these fellow pioneering Scots the Van T’s mix blistering guitars with

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Girls in Synthesis “The Mound”

There’s something dark and gritty to the sound of Girls in Synthesis’ “The Mound” it’s a song that explores the sonic territory that really hasn’t been well documented since the heyday of post-punk. With lyrics that reference the occult, and

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CLOSENESS “End of the Maze”

In the run of this blog, there have been very few times where I have featured bands that many would consider more in the electronic field. Not because I don’t enjoy it, and not just because I try to focus

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True Moon “Sugar”

The quickest way to the heart is through the rib cage, and True Moon’s “Sugar” punches straight through with a driving hook-ridden post-punk that would surely have been a dance hit at The Batcave circa 1983.

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The ThreeFiveSevens “She’s Gonna Run”

The ThreeFiveSevens come in with Post-Punk swagger and college radio girl group harmonies. A tight little weird microcosm of their own creation, unlike anything that you’re likely to hear anywhere else. Definitely worth a submersion into their world.

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Pussywhips “Surf + Turf”

Portugal’s Pussywhips combine the darker aspects of California hardcore and European post-punk in a speed fueled jaunt down late night highways of fun and danger. The rest of their self-titled EP is now available on many platforms.

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Hideous Towns “Don’t Forget”

The A-Side to Melbourne, Australia’s 4-peice Hideous Towns’ new single Don’t Forget / Wake Us finds the band in full post-punk mode, driving through both songs with a steady rumble perfect for dancing by yourself in the corner of a

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Dead Waves “4 to 5”

Dead Waves is a dark post-punk rock band from NYC, with their debut single off their new album Living Inside “4 to 5”. The song itself finds the band in a ethereal noisy nightmare world, that would fit perfectly in

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Witching Waves “Crystal Cafe”

While still maintaining space in their own home studio, Witching Waves sophomore effort Crystal Cafe finds them a little more polished and angular than their previous effort (2015’s Fear of Falling down). As with the former album the band finds

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Iggy Pop “Post Pop Depression”

The man, the myth, the legend… The man who needs no introduction, why the hell I’m introducing him is beyond me. I’ve got my tickets for his spring tour, do you? Iggy Pop!

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