Closeness “End of the Maze”

Closeness is a project by to alumni of the mid-west high-water mark of greatness Saddle Creek Records, while I have written about this song in particular before, I just wanted to write about it agian as there is now a video to go along with what can only be called one of the most interesting and a band with the greatest potential of any band in the mid-west today.

And all this coming from a reviewer who actually paid for a copy of the album.

Previous post on this song.

In the run of this blog, there have been very few times where I have featured bands that many would consider more in the electronic field. Not because I don’t enjoy it, and not just because I try to focus on genres that aren’t typically covered by a lot of the other blogs out there. The truth is that I also get a perverse satisfaction in breaking the form from time to time, so that the few people who would notice such things would know it’s got to be something that is above and beyond a lot of what is out there today.

One such electronically orientated artist that I have previously featured the band The Faint, a band that has been one of the most defining bands not only of the mid-west, but also of the early 2000’s in general. Along with their early label Saddle Creek and then label mates Azure Ray, it’s hard to tell what the state of independent music would be in America today.

Bringing together the husband and wife duo Orenda and Todd Fink CLOSENESS is their first collaboration together since their marriage. The EP a synthesis of all that the electronic and noise underground has to offer in a cohesive if not catchy and tuneful matter. Harkening back to a lot of the great experimental bands from the post-punk era. (Throbbing Gristle, Suicide, or more recently The Knife to name a few.) Definitely worth checking out from Graveface Records.

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