Mary Anne’s Polar Rig “Your House”

Mary Anne’s Polar Rig – Your House

Mary Anne’s Polar Rig’s “Your House” is a fuzzy 90s indie rock gem, that just happened to come out this morning. A little Sonic Youth mixed with a bit of Superchunk, “Your House” is the kind of song that can make you forget that over 2 decades have passed since a song like this would have been featured on a show like The Adventures of Pete and Pete. Is that enough 90s references? Probably.

The song has an intangible youthful yearning quality that pulls on the nostalgic heartstrings as hard as it pulls on a desire to change everything. Their debut album “Makes You Happy” is still on its way, but it looks like they have a number of songs to check out on their Bandcamp page in the meantime.

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