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Switchblade Cheetah “All that Blood”

Switchblade Cheetah is a Garage Punk duo from Tallahassee, FL. For over the past decade they’ve been putting out some of the most unique and some times off the wall music that I’ve ever heard. With their new album Chapel

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Kool Stuff Katie – It’s All Your Fault

Kool Stuff Katie is am interesting two piece from Portland. With catchy, anthemic riffs, in buzzing melodies, “It’s All Your Fault” is the kind of song that you hear once and are still humming it months later. Well worth checking

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Fascinations Grand Chorus “Growing”

New single from Facinations Grand Chorus “Growing”, is a retro rocker that’s got a minimal punky girl-group wallop.

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Turpai “Bottom Lip”

Dreamy, yet muscular and stiff in their playing London’s dreamily anthemic duo Turpai straddles a unique space between Garage Rock’s punkiness and Dream-Pop’s ethereal landscapes. Their latest offering “Bottom Lip” is buzzy, upbeat and lost in the haze.

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whenyoung “See How They Run”

Debut single from London-based whenyoung is a great little fuzz pop tune that has just enough sonic exploration and drive to take what could have been a standard pop rock song and made it into something unique and interesting. Definitely

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Eureka California – Versus

Athens, GA’s sunny/fuzzy power duo, Eureka California, just released their new album on HHBTM Records. The entire album buzzes through it’s running time with a manic glee that few other bands would be able to get away with let alone make

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Fascinations Grand Chorus “Welcome”

Fascinations Grand Chorus is a bubblegum duo from New York, with a gigantic wall of sound vibe. Their debut single “Welcome” touches on 60’s girl groups and even a hint of early psychedelia. The song itself has an upbeat swing,

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