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Vahnevants “Criminals”

Any time these “Back from the Grave” inspired rockers release anything it’s a time to celebrate. Their third full length release in just as many years, “Criminals” find the band refining their wobbly and raucous music into a singular vision

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moonweather “Burn Me”

If you were to look up ernest unassuming indie rock in the dictionary*, it would just send you to watch the video for moonweather’s “Burn Me”, a catchy extremely animated (both literally for the video and figuratively for the music)

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The Stranger “7in”

St. Louis, Missouri is fast becoming one of my favorite scenes. Especially all the music that has been circling around The Sinkhole venue. The Stranger is a thrashy/trashy punk band that comes straight down the middle with some really solid

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Aquarian Blood “Asshole In The Castle”

Aquarian Blood’s “Asshole in the Castle” features bubbly psych-pop vocals betray the sheer ferocity and power of the playing. It’s the iconoclastic kind of styling that you’d expect from a release on Goner. Definitely one of the most unique songs

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Harsh Crowd “Clowns”

With the chant “Democracy’s as good as dead / don’t let them get inside your head” Brooklyn based “Harsh Crowd” just wrote the slow-jam for the coming political apocalypse.

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Bleeders “Gash”

Trashy and tuneful, The Bleeder’s “Gash” is a solid wall of feminist noise from the east coast that’s incredibly smart and well written. Gash by Bleeders

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The Fabulous Minx “Don’t Be A Wimp”

Catchy, and clocking in at 45 seconds it gets directly to the point. Like this review. Listen to this now.

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Annabel Allum “Rich Backgrounds”

With a heaviness that would make PJ Harvey envious, “Rich Backgrounds” sounds like political folk cranked to 11. It’s definitely a unique sound that will get caught in your head for days.

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Slingshot Dakota “Grudge”

The two-piece Slingshot Dakota make extremely catchy, caustic and oddly wonderfully crunchy songs. With just piano and drums they have figured out a way to be heavy and melodic without falling in the typical two-piece pitfalls. These songs are available

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The Fuzzy Crystals “The King Is Dead”

There has been a seriously good run of psych releases lately, and one that I find to be incredibly true to the pre-Woodstock sound is “The King Is Dead” by The Fuzzy Crystals, a sweeping landscape full of Zeppelin-sized epic

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Jesus on Heroine “Musasabi”

Jesus on Heroine’s new video for “Musasabi” is as trippy as the song is hypnotic. From the parkouring Asian school-girls to clips from about a thousand 90’s commercials, movies and skateboarding videos, the video takes the Mtv quick cut look

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All-Night Visitors “Poor Thing”

There is an undeniable heart of rock and roll that is touched upon in All-Night Visitor’s new single “Poor Thing”. With it’s nuanced and varied sound, it’s one of those rare songs that sound like it was recorded either 50

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Karen Meats the Vahnevants

Karen Meat and the Vahnevants, two great Des Moines sounds that taste oh so great together. On this release, we find local singer/songwriter/musically schizophrenic pop-star Karen Meat getting dissolved into the acid-drenched “Back from the Grave” stylings of the Vahnevants.

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Girls in Synthesis “The Mound”

There’s something dark and gritty to the sound of Girls in Synthesis’ “The Mound” it’s a song that explores the sonic territory that really hasn’t been well documented since the heyday of post-punk. With lyrics that reference the occult, and

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If I were to drop all the names that False Heads rightly do in their press release — from being heralded by Iggy Pop (aka the one and living god), and recording Pete Townsend’s (a pretty decent guitar strummer) studio,

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RAAVE TAPES “2 U xoxo”

Newcastle’s RAAVE TAPES’ new track “2 U xoxo” is filled with casual nihilistic sarcasm, and a jagged punk funkiness of bands like The Gossip, while retraining the pop chops of Blur. There’s something terribly British about this track that gives

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The Black Angels “Currency”

Being a blog that is based 99% off of submissions*, there are few that were bigger no-brainers than featuring The Black Angels, who quite frankly over the last decade or so have become the yardstick in which most neo-psych bands

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CLOSENESS “End of the Maze”

In the run of this blog, there have been very few times where I have featured bands that many would consider more in the electronic field. Not because I don’t enjoy it, and not just because I try to focus

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CoCo “Am I Getting Through To You?”

Saying this song sounds very 80’s is like saying the sky is blue, or that CoCo’s “Am I Getting Through To You?” rocks in a way that you just don’t hear these days. These Columbus Ohioans, might just be the

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Christmas Pets “Glow”

Dark and swirling, Christmas Pets’ “Glow” shows that bedroom pop doesn’t have to be all sunshine and rainbows.

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The Pearl Harts “Hit the Bottle”

A powerful blast of punky noise. The Pearl Harts’ “Hit the Bottle” is the perfect antidote to a world of sterile pop perfection.

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Rotten Mind “Things I Can’t See”

A ferocious 900mph track from Sweden’s Rotten Mind is some of the most promising music in the vein of Jay Reatard that I’ve heard in quite sometime. This song is coming out on a 7″ that will be backed with

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sleep said the monster “figure it out”

sleep said the monster, even though their now based out of Omaha might just be my favorite Iowa band ever. Straight out of their first recordings in an unforgivably long time. “figure it out” is some of the rawest and

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In an alternative universe where Nobunny provided the music for Rocky Horror Picture show exists the band Nightmen. The first single off of their sophomore album “Can’t Avoid Success”, “AHAHAHAH (OH NO)” is some of the sugariest garage rock you’ll

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Best of 2016

Alright, so I was a little lax, this being the first year that I decided to do the ubiquitous year-end list for the blog. However, I did go through the effort of tracking down some of our favorite melomaniacs &

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The Spinal Chords “Til We Come”

Super raw, but very promising The Spinal Chords’ first single “Til We Come” shows extreme promise of a powerhouse of the Pebbles style proto-punk. Well worth checking out so you can say you were there before they blew up.

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Joanna Sternberg “I Will Be With You”

Alright, so this song doesn’t rock’n’roll like a lot of the song I tend to write about. So you know that there has to be something very exceptional about the song to take it into our little den of iniquity.

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The Widowers “I Laugh At Everything”

Another 90’s genre that’s been sparking a lot of interest lately is the overwhelming amount of slacker rock that’s been coming from both coasts. Meanwhile bands like The Widowers, rather than playing songs directly out of the Pavement songbook are

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NEW EViL “Pale Skin Latin Girls”

While the song title might sound like a questionable Google search, NEW EViL’s “Pale Skin Latin Girls” is one of those songs that brings in the right amount of diverse sounds from RiotGrrrl to haunted blown out garage rock. After

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True Moon “Sugar”

The quickest way to the heart is through the rib cage, and True Moon’s “Sugar” punches straight through with a driving hook-ridden post-punk that would surely have been a dance hit at The Batcave circa 1983.

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