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Ramonda Hammer “Too Much, Too Recently”

Probably the most consistently great bands to grace Pop Occulture, Ramonda Hammer’s “Too Much, Too Recently” is just as emotionally raw and amazingly blistering as their last single “Bender”. “Too Much…” has about as much drama and emotional gravity as

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Ramonda Hammer – Whatever That Means

2016 has been a great hear for some really unique bands that just so happen to be female fronted. Ramonda Hammer is a very stand-out and unique part of this rich flood of music. The new LP “Whatever That Means”

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Dilly Dally “Snakehead”

Great video for Dilly Dally‘s “Snakehead” off their debut album Sore, hope to get a full review of the album out to you, my one lucky reader, as soon as possible.

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